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Venezuelan automotive industry: a century of breakthroughs in 12 years and its impossible recovery w

Transport is one of the most universal needs and for this reason the car has been a tool for everyday use for more than a century. The need to produce this tool and make it available to everyone has created a strong industry of notable impact on the economic balance of all countries. Many years ago a local specialist in the automotive industry, the late journalist José Jacobi W., explained to a server something else; "Due to its characteristics, the automotive industry is the most sensitive thermometer that can be used to evaluate the economy of any country." Its dynamism allows this industry to immediately reflect the changes posed by any economic policy. For good and for bad. Based on the above, not much data is required to issue a judgment today on the Venezuelan economy based on the performance of its automotive industry. Suffice it to say that so far this year -from January 1 until today- among all the assemblers of vehicles established in our country have not been able to build a single vehicle. Not one! The brand of zero armed cars in Venezuela -corroborated last Sunday in a specialized radio program by another great expert, the Venezuelan communicator Raúl Álvarez Mardones- supposes a collapse of 100% compared to the accumulated during the first two months of the year 2018, when they armed less than 200 units, which were already symbolic. From there it is easy to make an economic analysis, if you can talk about industry and productive economy with these figures.

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